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sometimes i love this life but other times i hate it
i don't know why maybe the teenager or may be ....
any way this website i built it just for people who donno me to know me , and for people whom i know to know me better. i hope to be accepted by you

date of birth:18-09-1983
address: AZMI ST. in front of oxygen but im attracted to abou samra more.may be because ..........
Hobbies: car driving, listen to clasiical music(piano,violent), travelling, chatting and learning languages, reading, drawing, writing my diary, and read horoscopes every day.
Educational level: first year secondary in BHS(bahsas high school).
Languages: english, russian, french (not much)
and arabic very very good
SHAPE: romantic, polite,funny, cool, calm, kind,innocent.
my favorites singers: mouhammad fouad, kazem el saher, ihab tawfeek, amro diab, celien dion, marayah carrey and some1different.
Father: Mouhammed el rafei. date of birth: 1956.
business man in ukraine.
Mother: Nessrine Okasha.date of birth:1964
Sister:rim rafei.date of birth:1991
8 eme in saint coeur
Pationatly: i love an angel but....she doesn't love me.Not only that, she plays with my feelings, i donno why!
I love her, i swear i do love her..no i don't love her i adore her.I donno why, i know only one thing: I LOVE HER.